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Recherche et rédaction

Most recent French to English legal translations

  • translation of a shareholders' agreement (pacte); 15991 words

  • translation of the CNIL report proposing the imposition of sanctions; 15099 words

  • translation of an annual non-financial performance statement; 6079 words

  • translations of a German client's exchanges with the French tax authorities regarding tax adjustments and penalties; 14445 words

  • translation of pleadings and summary judgment / presidential court (Niger); 8243 words

  • translation of annual general meeting documents for a French publicly traded company (fiscal 2022) >25000 words

  • translation of a White Paper on GPDR and its effects; 2896 words 

  • translation of interviews and analysis of an internal survey on employee activity in a French subsidiary of a Japanese conglomerate; >20000 words

  • translation of pleadings for labor court proceedings concerning a former employee of a French subsidiary of a Finnish group; 8785 words 

  • translation of pleadings and judgment in a dispute for alleged trademark infringement by an international trademark; >20000 words

Barbara is a true bilingual master of legalese - diligent, punctual, and attentive to the nuances of national law interpretation. She embodies a rare combination of managerial and linguistic skills that make her an invaluable part of large-scale, high-level translation projects (over 200,000 words translated - high-level arbitration award and execution)
In addition, translation and editing of English - language documents translated into French (subject to availability)

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