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Transjuridique | French to English Legal Translation Services

For Lawyers by an Experienced Lawyer

Barbara Macon - Traductrice Juridique

Transjuridique | Areas of Expertise in French to English Legal Translations


Translation of all documents submitted in the context of international arbitration proceedings, exequatur and execution of the award.


Translation of documents relating to merger control (French, EU), opinion letters - strategic advice.


Translation of all documents relating to litigation, in particular, pleadings and decisions in commercial disputes (trial court and on appeal - all jurisdictions), including emergency proceedings.


Translation of all documents relating to the GDPR, its implementation and policies, compliance; CNIL sanction reports. 


Translations, in particular of shareholders' agreements (pacte), merger and acquisition agreements /business combinations, due diligence reports and restructuring plans and insolvency proceedings.


Translation of all documents relating to the life of a company: articles of association, commercial agreements and strategic alliances, charters (ethics, CSR, governance), risk mapping, internal ethical surveys, commercial leases.


Translation of all submissions relating to company social plans, submissions to labor tribunals (tribunaux de prud'hommes) and their judgments.


Translation of tax documents,   including documents relating to tax advice, and negotiations with the French tax authorities on penalties and adjustments.


Translation of all trademark law documents, including trademark infringement litigation, trademark registration and protection.


Translation of international treaties and multilateral conventions, national legislation, regulations, decrees and codes.

Transjuridique | About your legal translator in Paris

Barbara is a true bilingual master of French law. She is diligent, punctual, and attentive to the nuances of national law interpretation. She embodies a rare combination of legal experience and linguistic skills making her an invaluable part of large-scale, high profile translation projects. (over 200,000 words translated – international arbitral award, exequatur, and enforcement).

Why choose Transjuridique for your legal translations ?

The accuracy of legal translations is critical - translations do not exist in a vacuum. They are most often used by lawyers to advise their clients and/or provided to clients by their lawyers to facilitate the understanding of the legal effects, implications and mechanics of a transaction. It is imperative that they are accurate. The accuracy of Transjuridique's translations is reliable.

Lawyer and translator:

Born in New York and now based in Paris, Barbara Jane Macon has been a legal translator for more than 15 years, with a well-established international clientele.  

A double legal path:

A lawyer in law firms advising corporate clients, and also a "General Counsel" -- the legal director for several international publicly traded companies.  

High traffic from repeat customers:

In addition to an expanding new client base, a significant portion of Transjuridique's clients are repeat clients.


The documents and other documentation provided to Transjuridique are kept in the strictest confidence and are never communicated to persons outside the group.

Flexibility of work, respect of deadlines:

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays - no surcharge is added for evening, weekend or holiday translation services. 

Pro Bono :

Over 26,000 words for Translators Without Borders, a non-profit organization created to provide translation services to non-profit humanitarian organizations.

Cour de justice

“We have closely collaborated with Barbara for over 10 years as she has special skills.  Having graduated from Georgetown Law with a JD, she has a very solid foundation for identifying legal issues. She worked for several years at a major white shoe law firm in New York as well as International General Counsel EMEA for a major American footwear and sportswear company. As a result, Barbara has an extensive knowledge, understanding and vocabulary in a variety of legal areas including corporate, securities, competition, litigation, not to mention labor and real estate. Having lived in France for many years, her understanding of French law and, more importantly, of French legal concepts, is very unique as it is beyond mere translation. Barbara is able to translate French legal concepts into equivalent US legal concepts. For instance, she would never translate “procédure de référé” as “referee procedure” !”

Avocat à la Cour, Partner, Paris, Brussels, Global Law Firm


Most recent legal translations



Legal translation of a shareholders' agreement (pacte)



Legal translation of the CNIL report proposing the imposition of sanctions



Legal translation of an annual non-financial performance statement

Cour de justice
  • How do I know if my type of legal text will be translated by Transjuridique?
    You can first consult the section above entitled “Services”. All types of legal texts are accepted for translation. You will be promptly informed if a translation request does not fall within the scope of the translation services offered. Any other questions? Feel free to contact Transjuridique via whatsup for a quick response.
  • What is the difference between a “legal translator” and a “lawyer-linguist”?
    Many legal translators are not lawyers and often have no legal training and/or minimal training in translation. On the other hand, legal texts are written by lawyers and contain legal terms, concepts and nuances that can only be understood and synthesized by an experienced lawyer and translator. At Transjuridique, all translations are performed by a highly qualified and experienced lawyer-linguist. Her legal background and skill as a translator complement each other to achieve the best result and the highest quality of legal accuracy.
  • What types of documents are not translated by Transjuridique?
    Transjuridique translates documents intended for the use of lawyers and legal and financial professionals. We do not translate personal documents such as birth or marriage certificates, transcripts, prenuptial agreements or other personal documents.
  • Which languages are translated by Transjuridique?
    Transjuridique translates French-language documents into English US or English UK, according to your specifications. Translations from English into French are carried out by an experienced native French-speaking lawyer, certified by the Court of Justice of the European Union, subject to availability.
  • Can a document from any country be submitted for translation?
    Yes. Transjuridique has an international clientele and regularly translates documents for clients globally.
  • Will a single translator be assigned to my translation?
    Yes. Experience has shown that the translation of the same document by several translators can lead to a result that is not only stylistically discordant, but can also lead to different interpretations of similar texts and contents found in the document.
  • Can urgent translation requests be accommodated?
    Yes. Transjuridique has always delivered its translations within the time frames specified by the client, even for urgent projects.
  • How can I get a quote for my translation project?
    1- First fill in the contact form at the end of this site or click on the icon in the text of the site itself. The contact form must clearly indicate the desired delivery date for the translation and any special instructions. 2 - Once the form has been completed, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt and you will be invited to send the document to be translated to the e-mail address indicated on the contact page ( 3 - A document review will be carried out to determine primarily: a) the format of your document (e.g. ms word, pdf, jpeg, gif, etc.); b) the readability of the document; and c) the technical and textual complexity. 4 - A quote for the translation will be promptly sent to you (usually within two hours). It must be signed by you where indicated and returned by e-mail. Note: All documents and information submitted to Transjuridique are held in the strictest confidence.
  • What does the quote reflect?
    The translation rate and delivery date will be clearly indicated on the quote. Translation rates are established in accordance with industry practices, based on the number of words in the source document, technicality and complexity.


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